Best. Taco. Truck. Ever.  I wish there were a Dos Hermanos on every corner.  I first had their tacos over the summer when they headed over to some festival in Ambler and I was blown away.  I’ve been making a point to visit their usual market street location ever since.  Great, fresh tortillas, great meats, awesome flavors.  And with plenty of variety: Asada, Carnitas, chorizo, pollo, pescado, and more (and they have burritos, quesadillas, tortas, tostadas, soups, salads, etc., too).  Really, some of the best tacos around.

At three tacos for $7, the prices would be so-so for a food truck, but when you factor in how good the tacos are, it’s a bargain.

Also note that if you want tacos for a group lunch, you can call ahead and they’ll bring them out to you when you pick them up.  Bring a tray to a party and you will be everyone’s favorite person.

Dos Hermanos really is the best. ~Mike M