Two brothers, a passion for cooking, and a love for their culture is what Dos Hermanos Tacos is all about. We are a Philadelphia based food truck, started back in November of 2014, using fresh ingredients and authentic spices to create food typical of our heritage in Mexico. Now we are a destination spot for authentic Mexican food and a premier caterer for a variety of events.


  • Dos Hermanos // University City
    The Taco To Try: Shrimp and fish
    Why decide between shrimp and fish? This U-City food truck puts both on a tortilla, and it is the bomb.
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    20 Best Tacos in Philly right now

  • I just love this food truck! It’s perfect for lunch, the food is great, and it’s reasonably priced. The tacos are awesome but my favorite are the tostadas. I would definitely recommend it! ~Adreeja G

  • Dos Hermanos are you guys looking for a step brother, maybe call it Tres Hermanos? Think about it, I’ll break out the Agave at the next gathering. These guys are simply awesome, probably some of the freshest ingredients used coming out of a food truck . Dos Hermanos is one of the heavy hitters at any Night Market event. If you see this truck , just drop everything and get in that line. If and when you do see these guys in Philly , I don’t care what is on your agenda you need to alter it so you can get a fresh taco.

    I will say this , the only time I will accept any kind of fruit in my meal will be in an Al Pastor. A lightly grilled pineapple mixed with that pork with those spices, cilantro, freshly squeezed lime and their salsa verde (green salsa) will make me do a shimmy.  A spicy, lets kick it up a notch with the occasional “wheew” is what you’d be saying. Flavors upon flavors blowing your taste buds up like it was Cinqo De Mayo! Ok I just got chills just thinking about it, remembering my pure enjoyment from this truck.

    You know what else will have you doing a Mexican hat dance in the streets is their Chorizo and Carne Asada tacos !  Eye-Chi-Wow-Wa  they are simply irresistible , now you know why there is a line just to get at that window.  Dos Hermanos makes a guacamole that is on point. Get their chips , squeeze some lime over them, and destroy that guacamole. Hey also if you add some pico de gallo to the guac you just brought this to a whole different level. You’re welcome by the way.

    Dos Hermanos you guys are friggin fantastic. Keep up the good work, and think about adding me to the family. Every family needs an Italian in their circle. ~ Nando F